Web apps developed by the Broad Institute allow users to query the over 1.4 million gene expression experiments in the LINCS/CMap database hosted on lincscloud.org without having to download the data.

Dynamic data analysis is a core component of the lincscloud.org web app ecosystem. The web apps on lincscloud.org bring LINCS data to life, providing users with interactive views of the data to enhance their understanding of the LINCS dataset.

Below is an example of a live data-analysis widget. The widget displays the number of genetic perturbagens that have been tested across cell lines for a target gene of interest.

ERG Experiments Across Cell Lines

Number of genetic perturbagens tested across cell lines. The size of each box represents the number of perturbagens tested in each cell line relative to others. The name of the cell line as well as the number of perturbagens profiled are displayed in each box when there is room. Hover over each box to see the same information.

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With over 1.4 million experiments in the LINCS dataset, it is important for users to be able to quickly find the experiments and annotations most relevant to their interests. The web app ecosytem on lincscloud.org has performant and deeply integrated search capabilities that allow users to work with only the data they need, rather than having to download the dataset and laboriously customize it.

Two example search capabilities are demonstrated below. The first provides a search for all genetic perturbagens in the LINCS dataset. The second provides a signature lookup for any LINCS perturbagen.


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